Welcome. This My Wendy's Policy (the "Policy") is part of our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, so read them in addition to this Policy (just click on their links). Any terms used but not defined in this Policy are defined in those documents. BEFORE YOU CAN FINALIZE YOUR MY WENDY'S ACCOUNT SET-UP, YOU'LL NEED TO REVIEW AND SIGN THIS POLICY (WHICH WILL ALSO BE YOUR SIGNATURE TO THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF USE) AND SIGN EITHER THE BELOW EMAIL CONSENT OR THE TEXT MESSAGE CONSENT.


  1. Creating a profile
  2. Email Consent
  3. Text Message Consent
  4. Your Ability to Edit your Profile Information
  5. Amendments
  6. How to Print a Copy of the Policy

Information That We Collect When You Create a Profile in My Wendy's. You will need to create a profile so you can receive communications from Wendy's. When you create a profile, we will need you to provide your name, physical address, email address and date of birth. We collect your email address in order to create a user name for your account profile, but we won't send you promotional emails unless you have selected the email option or as allowed by law. We also collect your physical address so we can communicate with you about offers that are specific to your geographic location. We also use the above information for authentication and fraud prevention purposes and purposes allowed in our Privacy Policy.

How We Use Profile Information. In addition to the uses of personal information allowed in the Privacy Policy, we make these kinds of uses of personal information submitted when you create a profile in My Wendy's. We Disclose (as defined in the Privacy Policy) it:

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If you enter your email address in the sign-up section of the "Welcome to My Wendy's" page, you will be consenting to receive future emails from Wendy's International, LLC. and its existing or future affiliates and subsidiaries (and their service providers and business partners) for marketing purposes and to help us improve products and services, including emails regarding surveys, clubs, promotions, contests, sweepstakes, loyalty programs, processing and managing purchases and to engage in other related activities. Such emails will include an easy opt-out feature or you can opt-out by clicking the "unsubscribe" link on our sign-in page at any time. You may not opt-out of emails that we're allowed to send by law or contract, such as messages relating to a transaction with or affecting you or a business relationship or request that you have made.

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If you enter your mobile phone number in the sign-up section of our "Welcome to My Wendy's" page, you will be agreeing to and signing this Text Message Consent. Signing is optional, but if you sign, you agree to this My Wendy's Policy (the "Policy") (including the Wendy's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) and you agree that:

  1. the number is your number,
  2. you are willing to receive at the number (or an updated number), messages:
    • for marketing purposes, including updates or ads about events or products (of ours or others) that we think might be of interest,
    • to help improve products and services, including things like messages regarding surveys, clubs, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or loyalty programs,
    • to process, administer or enforce any of the above, purchases or other activities or transactions, including transactional or relationship messages that could be sent under federal law regarding emails, or
    • regarding other transactions you decide to engage in that involve sending you text messages not described above but that are described in connection with the other transaction (if you don't want to receive those additional text messages, do not engage in the particular transaction), and
  3. we may respond to or confirm anything sent from your number (if you don't want us to respond by text, do not text us). All of the messages in subsections (1) - (3) above are hereafter called "Messages".

You agree that Messages may be sent by Wendy's International, LLC. and its existing or future affiliates and subsidiaries (and their service providers and business partners) (the "Group"). You may expect to receive approximately 4 Messages per month on an ongoing basis (but it could be more or less).

Message and data rates of your carrier or others may apply and are your responsibility – consult your wireless service provider plan for details. You may withdraw consent by texting Wendys stop to 376789, and you agree to do so within 48 hours after you change your number. Text Wendys help to 376789 for more information. Signing this consent also means you are willing to have messages sent from an automatic telephone dialing system ("ATDS") or an ATDS-capable system.*

If you reside in a state that prohibits any of the Messages, by signing this consent (entering your number) you waive all of those rights. Also, if you are on a Do Not Call List ( "List"), by signing you also authorize us and the rest of the Group to treat this consent as waiver of your participation on the List as to the Group and the Messages. If you don't want to waive those rights, select another option

* An ATDS is equipment that can store, produce and dial numbers automatically. Systems of ours (or our service providers) may have that capability even if it is not used for the message sent.

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You may edit your profile by changing things such as your user name (your email address) or your physical address. You agree that such change does not affect in any manner your original email and/or text message consent. If, however, you wish to change your original consent (e.g. from email to text message), you will be asked to re-consent to your new election. You may also use the edit feature to stop receiving future communications from Wendy's as described in this Policy (or you may use the "unsubscribe" link). We will usually maintain your profile information for a reasonable period of time after you deactivate your profile, e.g., for purposes such as fraud control, documentation or if you have a question about why you are not receiving further communications from us. After that, we may stop keeping or render it inactive, but we reserve the right to keep or use it longer subject to applicable law or contracts.

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This Policy can be amended in the same way we amend our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, so please read them for details. If a change impacts the emails sent, you can always opt-out of further emails by following the directions in the email. We will not unilaterally change your Text Message Consent (if any), but it can expand depending upon what you decide to do in the future (see the consent).

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If you wish to print a copy of this Policy, please click the link at the bottom of the sign-up page.

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